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Sumatran Coffee: Single-Origin Coffee Beans from Tapanuli, Sumatra

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  • Our Single-Origin Sumatran Coffee is legendary for its full body, depth, and low acidity
  • Robust and smooth on the palette
  • Available in Regular or Decaf
  • Freshness guaranteed!

 * We ship from multiple warehouses. Shipments may arrive separately when ordering non-food items with coffee. 

The Robust Flavors of the Sumatran Coffee Bean

Sumatran coffee is legendary. Sumatran coffee beans are known to pack a punch and have full-body, depth, and low acidity. 

Our single-origin coffee comes exclusively from Sumatra and is not blended with any other coffee beans. It is a true small-batch single-origin offering. 

Our coffee is produced in the Tapanuli region of Sumatra, one of the first places where coffee was grown on a large scale. Tapanuli is home to Lake Toba, the largest volcanic lake in the world. Many believe that the volcanic ash from this lake is responsible for the unique flavors of Tapanuli-grown coffee.

Tasting Notes

This coffee features the distinct earthy aroma characteristic of Sumatran coffee.

Tasting notes include:

  • Sweet fig
  • Dark chocolate

This single-origin coffee pairs well with most foods, especially foods that contain cinnamon, maple, or toffee flavors.

How Our Coffee Is Produced: The Traditional Giling Basah Process

In Sumatra, most farmers use the traditional Giling Basah (wet hulling) process. This process is what gives Sumatran coffee its unique earthy flavor.

The coffee cherries are picked by hand. Then, farmers use their Luwak (pulping machines) to remove the outer skins from the coffee cherries.

From there, the coffee beans are dried. Because of the weather in Sumatra, farmers can’t use the same drying process used in other countries. Instead, the coffee beans are dried until they reach a 50% moisture content. The beans are then hulled in a semi-wet state. This gives the beans their distinctive blue appearance. It also reduces acidity and increases the flavor’s body.

Because of the high moisture content, the beans continue to ferment up until they are finally roasted. This helps develop the dynamic flavors unique to Sumatran coffee.

Supporting Women Farmers

80% of Sumatra’s coffee farmers are women. These women are in charge of planting, growing, harvesting, and transporting the Sumatran coffee beans.

Supporting Small Farms

Our coffee is grown in a network of about 5000 very small farms stretched around the southern tip of Lake Toba. These small farms work together in cooperative partnerships and split the profits from coffee sales.

The Beauty of Single-Origin Coffees

sumatran single-origin coffee beans

“The most important thing about single-origin is its traceability, the fact that you know exactly where your coffee is from and that it’s a specific coffee, not a blend. Usually of a higher quality, it’s the acknowledgment that the coffee is from a particular farm located in a unique setting, whilst its flavor depicts its origin, possessing characteristics of that specific area where the particular coffee was grown.”

SCAE’s Andra Vlaicu

Single-origin coffees are harvested from the same geographical region. The availability relies heavily on the variance in the growing season. These coffees are exclusively seasonal and produced to a lesser extent, making them typically more expensive than coffee blends. Indeed, it was only in the past few years that the infrastructure was in place to enjoy single-origin coffees.

These premium coffees offer tastes that are unique to their region of origin. This is a result of subtle differences in the soil, climate, and elevation that have a huge impact on the bean’s final flavor profile. 

Many people believe that the single-origin coffee trend helps promote better coffee. And in many ways, this is true. Single-origin coffee, also known as specialty coffee, is scored by 1-grader (Q=quality). There are over 5,000 Q-graders worldwide and we are proud to announce that our roaster has 2 of them!

Not only does the trend encourage people to drink higher-quality coffee, but it also builds transparency in the industry. Many farmers are also seeing better working conditions due to increased awareness and support from social programs. 

Available in Regular or Decaf

Whether you prefer to drink regular coffee or decaf, you can enjoy this delicious single-origin coffee bean. 

Freshness Guarantee

To ensure freshness, our Sumatran Coffee is shipped directly to you from our roasting facility. Once your order is processed, the beans are then roasted, packaged and shipped. Due to the time-sensitivity of this process, there is an additional shipping fee on top of our $4.99 flat rate when ordering coffee with non-food items.

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