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Labrador Bookmarks

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  • Printed Double Sided on 10Mil Synaps 
  • Final Size is 2 x 6 With Rounded Corners

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    There are few things that can compare to the bliss that comes from curling up under the covers with your favorite book. Sure, e-books and audiobooks are convenient, but there’s something special about getting to actually flip through paper. And every great book deserves an equally great bookmark.  

    Our high quality labrador paper bookmarks are the perfect size for most books. They are printed double-sided on SYNAPS XM paper, so you can use, keep, and reuse them for years to come. The carefully rounded corners are not only aesthetically pleasing, they also help decrease the risk of papercuts. 

    An Elegant, Yet Durable, Double Sided Bookmark

    Our labrador bookmarks are printed on SYNAPS XM paper, which is a revolutionary new type of  synthetic paper. It is polyester-based, and designed to be tear-proof, waterproof, and fade resistant, even without lamination. That means you get an elegantly thin bookmark with a luxury, silky-soft feel that is difficult to find anywhere else.

    During the printing process, the ink actually fuses with the paper, resulting in a high-quality image that lasts longer. Our labrador bookmarks are resistant to grease, as well as degradation from UV exposure. 

    This is a bookmark that you can truly enjoy for years to come. 

    Why You Should Use Bookmarks

    old dog eared book that could use a double-sided bookmark

    We love dogs. But “dog ears” in books are generally frowned upon. After all, books are amazing, and beautiful things. They should be cherished, and taken care of. You want to preserve them, and keep them in as good a condition as possible, for as long as possible. This is especially true for any pricey hardbound books that you might have. The fact of it is, dog-earing is just not good for your books. 

    There are several issues with dog-earing books. They can cause a book’s pages to separate over time. If there are multiple dog ears, the book can even bulge and distort, especially if the book is made with thick paper. Even if you’re okay with the problems that dog-earing can cause, you probably shouldn’t be dog-earing a book that you borrowed from a friend, or your local library.

    Paper bookmarks are a beautiful and convenient way to keep your place in the books you read. The book just pops open to the right page. Plus, you get to preserve the quality of your books for longer periods of time.