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Labrador T-Shirts: High-Quality Combed Ring-Spun Cotton Shirt

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  • Combed ring-spun cotton
  • 50/50 blend
  • Soft, durable and long-lasting
  • Available in black or white

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Get your Labrador T-shirt today! These high-quality t-shirts celebrate the first time a Labrador Retriever was registered with the American Kennel Club. Available in black or white.

The Benefits of Wearing Cotton

Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics today – and for good reason! The following are some of the many benefits of wearing cotton labrador T-shirts.

They’re Breathable

On hot days, there are few things better than a cotton T-shirt. Cotton is breathable, so you can stay cool. This is in contrast to materials like polyester, which trap sweat.

Cotton Is Great for Sensitive Skin

You won’t have to worry about your Labrador T-shirt irritating your skin because cotton is hypoallergenic. It’s non-irritating, even for people with eczema. Cotton is also naturally resistant to dust and dust mites, so it’s great for people with allergies.

Soft but Durable

Most soft materials fall apart after a few washes. This isn’t true of cotton. Cotton stays soft but can last you several years. It can also hold its shape well.


Let’s face it: there are a lot of materials on the market today that can get a bit smelly. This is especially true for blended materials, as well as leather. Cotton, however, has no odor at all.

What Our Combed Ring-Spun Cotton T-Shirts Feel Like


Our Labrador T-Shirts are made with combed ring-spun cotton, which has a number of benefits compared to regular cotton. You will be able to feel the difference at first touch.

Compared to regular cotton T-shirts, our Labrador T-shirts feel smoother and softer to the touch. Because of the fine weaving, our T-shirts are also lighter weight and have a finer hand feel than other cotton shirts. They’re very comfy!

How Our Labrador Retriever T-Shirts Are Made

Ring-spun cotton is more expensive to make than regular cotton. 

First, each fiber of the raw cotton is carefully combed through. This helps remove impurities, tighten up stray fibers, and improve the quality of the cotton. The resulting material has a more uniform appearance. It is also much smoother to the touch.

After combing, the cotton strands are twisted and thinned to make fine, soft yarn. This yarn is then turned into our shirts. When you wear our Labrador T-shirts, you can feel the added comfort resulting from the tight, and smooth weave of the fabric.

Because the cotton fibers are twisted taut in a single direction, our Labrador T-shirts are more durable than your regular cotton shirt. They will last longer because the material is more resistant to fraying and breaking.

Get yours today in black or white!