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Labrador Coasters — Set of Four Round Ceramic Coasters

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  • 4” round ceramic coaster
  • Cork pad bottom to protect surfaces
  • Instantly absorbs drips from hot and cold drinks
  • Permanent, fade-resistant Ink
  • Quantity of 1 gets you 4 coasters

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Our labrador coasters are created with a blend of ceramic materials for absorbency with permanent, fade-resistant inks.

Each 4” labrador coaster uses a special manufacturing process and formulated blend of ceramic materials for absorbency. They measure ⅜” thick and instantly absorb drips from hot and cold drinks. The artwork designs use permanent, fade-resistant inks, and each coaster bottom uses a cork pad to protect surfaces. 

A Beautiful Addition to Your Home’s Decor

You’d probably be surprised by how much a small item can transform the feel of your table decor. Our labrador coasters feature a neutral, yet high-quality design that blends into a variety of decor styles. These elegant coasters are great for impressing guests, while also preserving the condition of your furniture. Each purchase gets you a set of four coasters, so you’ll have plenty to go around for guests. 

Never Worry About Scratched Furniture Again

Our labrador ceramic coasters come with a cork back. This helps ensure that your coasters stay securely in place — no slips, no mess. It also helps keep your furniture looking like new, by preventing any unsightly scratches and scuffs. 

These coasters are also the perfect thickness for protecting your table from the heat of hot drinks. This protects your furniture from warping or your paint from chipping. 

Say Goodbye to Table Stains and Ring Marks

Coffee stains can be maddening. They are definitely not something you want to worry about, especially when you don’t have to. With a labrador coaster, you’ll never have to worry about ring marks or stains on your tables again. These coasters quickly absorb  any coffee stains, drips, and moisture from your drinks, whether hot or cold. This shields your tables from any unsightly stains. 

Convenient and Easy to Clean

At 4” wide and ⅜” thick, our labrador coasters are designed for maximum convenience. No need to worry about space! These coasters are small and thin enough to fit discreetly into most storage spaces. 

They are also easy to clean! If you find yourself dealing with a spilled drink, there’s no need to worry about a ruined coaster. Simply rinse, and dry with a cloth. You can even leave them to air dry. Afterward, they will be good as new, and ready to get back to work protecting your tables.

A High-Quality, Practical Gift 

Our labrador coasters make great housewarming gifts. Not only are they practical household items, they also feature a neutral design that fits in perfectly with a variety of decor styles. 

Ceramic Coasters — Why Do You Need Them?

Good quality drink coasters are a must-have item for every home. Whether you know it or not, placing drinks directly on furniture is damaging. It doesn’t matter whether you are partial to cold drinks or hot ones, the damage gradually builds up over time.  

Hot drinks that are placed directly on tables can cause small burns. Over time, these burns can warp the surface of your furniture. It can also damage the integrity of any varnish or paint. This problem is particularly insidious for tables made of heat-sensitive materials such as plastic.

With cold drinks, condensation creates a water ring that is slowly absorbed into the surface of the furniture. Worse, this water ring expands every time you raise or put down your glass to take a drink. Over time, this condensation can wreak havoc on the quality of your furniture. In fact, condensation is one of the biggest enemies to furniture. This is especially true for any wooden furniture you might have.

Keep your furniture in tip-top shape. Order a labrador coaster today!